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Ja Nene Aftershave - Awaken

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Ja Nene’s Witch Hazel Aftershave is made with USA triple-distilled 99.85% pure witch hazel - absolutely no alcohol. Designed to wake you up and reduce inflammation, the Awaken essential oil blend of rosewood, bergamot, juniper, clary sage, benzoin, and black pepper will tighten pores, stop bleeding, and reduce redness from razor burn. The fact that some well-known aphrodisiacs are included, well... that's an added bonus.

Handmade in California with ethically-sourced sustainable ingredients.

Recommended Use: Apply after shaving by spraying onto hands and patting product on formerly fuzzy areas of your face.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Awaken Essential Oil Blend (Rosewood, bergamot, juniper, clary sage, benzoin, black pepper) and 0.15% preservative benzoic acid. 


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