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New year, new website!

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Happy 2015!

   To kick off the new year, it's time for a new look. The new website should be easier to use and provide quicker checkouts. Sometimes easier and faster are good, right?

   New shipping calculation. There's free shipping for orders over $75.00 and the new postage widget should prove more accurate. Stocking up can be a good thing for customers and helps keep costs down for everyone. I'm ever grateful for orders of ANY size - but I know I'm not the only one who cringes at shipping costs.

   Last year, we added SunGlo lotion to our inventory. I have been working on and off for five years to formulate and produce an organic lotion with sun-blocking minerals. SunGlo isn't 100% organic - there are a few natural ingredients not certified organic and there is a good percentage of "inorganic" sun-blocking minerals. FDA rules prevent me from calling it a sunblock or giving out the SPF without a drug company license. I can tell you it's been tested for two years on humans who report it is water-proof for up to 8 hours, depending on use, and prevents tanning and especially sunburns. It is not clear; there are no reactive, mineral nano-particles. All clear sunscreens with minerals use nano particles. The micronized particles we use are tinted with a high anti-oxidant nutritional supplement called astaxanthin (a type of algae). The minerals sort of blend in with your skin color and are not obvious. SunGlo is packed with anti-oxidants and healing oils that provide a high IPF (immunity protection factor). You know that slow feeling you get after being in the sun too long? Maybe you feel a little bit sick? That's your immune system malfunctioning after too much sun. IPF helps to prevent that. All this sounds great, but really? Best thing is wear some protective gear & clothing, drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the sun during mid-day. If that's not an option, keep some SunGlo on hand.

   This last year also saw us ramping up production of our perfume oils and mists. The perfume oils come in hand-painted bottles, are 75% natural and 25% fragrance chemicals. Since we're not bathing in the stuff and only using it occasionally, I feel this is an acceptable level of exposure for most people. The fragrance component is pthalate and toluene-free, which makes it safer than most fragrances out there on the market. The perfume mists come in gold mister bottles and are 80% certified organic, un-denatured, grape-derived alcohol (perfume mists are 80-85% alcohol), the rest is perfume oil. Almost all perfumer's alcohol must be denatured to ship it anywhere - many times, it is denatured with some pretty ugly chemicals. Our perfumers' alcohol comes from a USDA organic, biodynamic vineyard and is un-denatured. We denature it with essential oils and fragrance. Both perfume oils and mists come beautifully boxed and make great gifts! Right now, prices are only $13 - but must be raised soon. WE HAVE SAMPLES! Just ask.

   The eternally good-natured and creative people I work with tell me to point out to you:

   All Ja Nene products are made in the USA, specifically, Three Rivers, CA.

   All our products are 100% guaranteed. If it doesn't work for you, please let me know if you'd like a refund or credit. I may need the product returned, depending on the problem. This helps improve future products and our service.

   If you want a sample of something, just call me. This isn't AT&T. I LIKE to hear from customers. It's better to try something first than end up with 50# of product under your bathroom sink. OK, my bathroom sink.

   Here's a couple of links if you really want to delve into who I am and what I do:

   On facebook: Janene Lasswell and Ja Nene Natural Body Products and in my spare time, I help out with a non-profit I started a few years ago, Emergency Aid Alliance. The major fund-raiser is Three Rivers Music Festival - tons of fun! I'm also a member of the Blue Thong Society. My apologies to any Red Hatters out there, but I just can't be grown up all the time.

     I wish you a very happy and healthy year.

   Take care,






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