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How do you celebrate the autumn season?

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   Sometimes I long for those days before manufacturing and selling wholesale and retail. In July, I'm making fall-colored soap. Right now, I'm researching Christmas-themed ideas for trees, ornaments and gift baskets for upcoming shows. I'm always out of sync! I am loving the local decorations, though. Keep 'em coming! Your recipes, photos of fall colors, harvest parties and Halloween pins are awesome! 

   Last summer, I learned, finally, how to make cold process soap during a three-day boot camp with Kendra Cote up in Richmond, CA. For the last few months, I've been immersed in researching ingredients, designs and equipment for large production. Take a look on the Ja Nene website for four new soaps: Blackjack, Alchemist, Kona Rain and Autumn Harvest. The names don't match the labels - another thing I'm working on! I'm still working on getting the lavender goat milk and the ginger-lemongrass soaps pictured and described, but they're coming soon. I will be offering multiples of 10 soaps that you can pick and choose to get a variety. This is the cheapest way to ship through the post office. If you don't like the postage amount during checkout, rest assured, I only charge actual postage and will refund any overcharges. Heavier orders (over 13 oz) will go flat rate priority around the US - it's usually much cheaper!

   In adding the soaps to our company, there are a few changes. I have deleted some of the products that were not selling as well. I apologize in advance, but one person trying to make over 80 different products was bound to hit a wall eventually! I will no longer be making facial scrubs and masks, lip glosses and lip balms. As stock is reduced on perfumes, we will be only carrying a limited number of scents.

   Keep your eyes open for an email coming soon with a pre-sale just for you! This will help with stocking-stuffers and all those little gifts that can add up to a big headache in the weeks before Christmas. I'm looking at mid-November at this point, but could be a little earlier.

   So, good-bye California summer and hello fall. Bring it on!

   Take care,




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