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Ho Ho Ho (hint: don't put pics of your women friends anywhere near that kind of decor)

Ho Ho Ho (hint: don't put pics of your women friends anywhere near that kind of decor)

Posted by Janene Lasswell on 2nd Dec 2015


Since 'tis the season to be jolly, let's all take a breath and infuse a little humor into this thing we call the Holidays. That's my mantra for the next few weeks. What's yours? Next, I'm going to do something nice for myself to get in the spirit. I hope some of you do, too. Armed with humor and the balanced joy of giving and receiving, this season takes on a life of its own and I (almost) never tire of experiencing it. 

Then we have the reason for the season - each of us differently, but oh, so touchingly and paradoxically alike. Another amazement.

Ah, but we also have those loved ones with who are, or have, experienced a last holiday. Right now, I'm missing my mom and her "hurry up and get down here so we can open presents!" Her love of decorating, cooking, entertaining. Her purple Christmas tree (really, purple). Ah, Mimi.

I also miss the one Christmas Eve years ago, spent with my husband in the parking lot of a discount drug store. We had about $12 in change left, split it, and took turns going in to the store to buy each other presents. It was the best we could do that year. I'd give anything right now to have that Christmas back just for 5 minutes. We were so together, no matter what. I got him some socks and soap. He got me some seeds and a hanging shower shelf. Amazing love.

You know what's really funny? The way every year has something new to teach us, sometimes all at once during the holidays. Breathe in peace, breathe out cares - another mantra I learned recently and using it daily!

Here's the thing, though: You are the reason I'm online, working in my shop, able to help others in my community - all with a daily dose of humor and love. Take care you special, amazing Santa's. I love each and every one of you more than you will ever know.


Ja Nene Natural Body Products

Open until Christmas Eve like a frantic elf 

PS: Try the new soap Santa! Get some bubble bath for your little elves!

PSS: The attached picture is of Emergency Aid Alliance members with their auction tree at Three Rivers Festival of Trees Nov. 19th. I'm on the left, no right, ok, on the left! Middle lady is the ever extraordinary Wendy Ballew and on the right is the always elegant and REAL Karen McIntyre. Love them forever. Ho Ho Ho.