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7 Essential Winter Bath and Body Products

7 Essential Winter Bath and Body Products

5th Jan 2018

The cold winter air can cause a lot of damage to our skin - especially for people with already dry, damaged, or mature skin. With so many bath and body products on the market, it can be overwhelming to find skincare that uses safe and natural ingredients to nourish and re-hydrate our skin that actually works!

As our customers already know, Ja Nene Natural Body Products takes pride in making the best natural body products on the market. We’re pretty big fans of everything we make, but these are our favorites during the arid and chilly winter months.

1. Therapeutic Bath and Body Oil

Therapeutic Bath and Body Oil

This deliciously soft and easily absorbed bath and body oil uses a nutrient-rich blend of oils that are high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, making it the best skin conditioning formula out there! This therapeutic bath and body oil can be applied directly to the body, but cold weather season means hot bath season - so try pouring some in your bath for a relaxing way to soften and soothe dry and damaged skin this winter.

2. Dead Sea Bath Salts

Dead Sea Bath Salts

If a hot bath is still sounding like a good idea, Dead Sea Bath Salts are another great option for healing dry and cracked skin. While normal bath salts can be drying - it’s basically just table salt! - Dead Sea Bath Salts have the highest mineral content you can find. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals all soak deep into your skin to provide essential nourishment and condition the skin at the same time. The Dead Sea Bath Salts are also available in a Bubble Bath, made with an SLS-free bubbling agent recommended by the American Pediatrics Association.

3. Bath Powder

Bath Powder

We’re not out of the tub yet! If salts and oils aren’t your thing, try the super soft and gentle Lavender Bath Powder. Made with arrowroot and powdered lavender buds, it’s a soothing and calming way to restore your skin’s appearance with simple ingredients. Most importantly, it’s talc-free - so its safe for everyone in your family.

4. Aloe and Calendula Hand and Body Lotion

Aloe Calendula Hand and Body Lotion

If you notice your hands are dry and cracked when it’s cold, this lightweight and non-greasy hand and body lotion is the perfect solution. Chamomile and Lavender team up in this lightweight lotion to condition your tired and damaged hands, while Aloe and Hemp Seed Oil hydrate and condition your skin. It’s also great for dry elbows and feet.

5. Ja Nene Natural Aftershave


When our skin is exposed to cold dry air, it can make the damaging effects of shaving even worse. Ja Nene Aftershave is made with Witch Hazel, not alcohol, so it won’t dry out the skin like other aftershaves. Essential oil blends help stop bleeding and reduce redness from razor burn, which can be made even worse in dry, cold climates. Great for anyone who shaves, it can be used on the face or body!

6. Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair Care

Our hair is just as sensitive to changes in climate as our skin, and when we use tools like blow dryers and curling irons we can damage and dehydrate our hair even more. Ja Nene Botanical Shampoos and Conditioners are SLS-free, color-safe, and 75-90% organic. Made with gentle ingredients that won’t dry out your hair, these natural botanical hair treatments are essential any time of year.

7. Ja Nene SunGlo Lotion

SunGlo Lotion

Here in the Central San Joaquin Valley, we’ve been plagued by a lack of rain - which means the sun’s out just as much as ever! With our skin exposed to the sun’s rays all year long, our Sunglo lotion is perfect for battling the effects of sun exposure. Made with high-antioxidant oils and patented UV Cut micronized zinc and titanium dioxide minerals known to block both UVA and UVB rays, SunGlo lotion is a great skin care product for those who work outdoors or enjoy outdoor winter activities. Bonus: it’s sweat and water resistant.

Come visit our new shop at the beginning of Mineral King Road in Three Rivers to see our entire stock of natural body products! We'll find a formula that will fit your unique needs at an affordable price - made with simple, natural ingredients.