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What's new this summer

Posted by Janene Lasswell on 6th Jun 2015

   With the end of the annual Three Rivers Music Festival, I'm happy to finally have time to work on some projects. The festival is an annual fundraiser for the Emergency Aid Alliance of Three Rivers, a 501(c)(3) we started a few years ago to help local folks in dire straits. I am happy to report the festival and fundraising were a success and we now have about $30K in the bank. Last year, we gave out about $24K in aid. Thanks go out to the 9 hard-working team leaders and almost 100 volunteers. The music was great and everyone had a good time on May 9th.  

   Some JNBP products are now stocked in local stores:

      At Kaweah River Trading Co., the Time Defy line, SunGlo and Natural Mosquito Repellent are in stock.

      At Sage Roots, customers can now fill their own Aloe Calendula Lotion and Lavender Shampoo bottles at a discount.

      I am working with the Main Fork Gallery on a scent line with store labeling. 

      Nat Trading is getting ready to start selling our new neck firming creme on their cable station. 

   A new essential oil distiller is arriving this week and I will start processing some local plants: California Bay Laurel, Matilija Poppy, Incense Cedar, Douglas Fir, Willow, White Sage, Lavender, Oak Moss and Yerba Buena are a few. Along with the new oils, I hope to also be using the hydrosols in various products (or selling them). A distiller has been on my Christmas list forever. I finally decided to get it for myself. Hoe your own row and all that...

   The JNBP facebook page now has over 450 "likes". If you haven't seen it yet, there are pictures and stories, feedback and more. To see more personal info, check out my own page

   New pricing on the SunGlo waterproof sunblock - it is now $15 instead of $18. It's a bit concentrated so a little goes a long way. It's a good practice to moisturize first before applying SunGlo.

   I was out sailing on the lake yesterday in the middle of the afternoon - all I used was the Holo-Holo Body Oil and got a great tan without burning. That would be my first choice of a moisturizer before applying SunGlo, but there are many others. Some customers are giving me feedback they would like the SunGlo to be a little less concentrated, thinner and faster to spread. I will give that a try on the next batch to see what you all think.

   Now that most schools are out, let's take a moment to breathe in the warm summer air, plant some flowers and enjoy the outdoors. We've been able to have two backyard BBQ's, go swimming in the river, sailing in the lake and helping our daughter build her first house. It's these little blessings that build happy memories and ease our hearts. I am thankful to share these times with family and friends. 

   Much love to you all,