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Can bubbles make you more popular?

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Yes! You can be the perfect Santa this year!

Since everyone bathes, let's give them natural, bubbly, long-lasting, beautiful soap to use. Buy from a company that gives back to their community and sources ingredients carefully. Everyone will love the creative designs, natural scents and biodegradable packaging. You get fast, cheap shipping and every purchase is money-back guaranteed.

On each soap's page, you will see a "Buy Bulk and Save" button. Buy a minimum of 10 bars and get 20% off. If you want a variety with your purchase of 10 or more, email or call: Janene@anointyourself.com or 559) 561-4021. Pay no attention to whatever ridiculous shipping cost my website charges. I only charge actual postage and ship flat rate, it's absolutely the cheapest way possible. No handling charges ever. Anything you pay over actual postage during checkout is promptly refunded back to you, every time.

If we are out of inventory, no worries, your order will be filled but the lead time is 4 weeks. Handmade, cold process soaps take at least that long to cure - that's why I'm getting this message out to you now.

Custom orders welcome. Whole loaf, naked bars, packaged, different scents/colors/designs/formulas/packaging? Dream away, I love it!

 Final date to order soap for delivery before Christmas is October 15th.


Summer Dream soap made with local, fresh-frozen goat milk, lavender and sage essential oils, and

a special blend of fully saponified, super-fatted soaping oils (organic coconut oil, organic extra-virgin

olive oil, organic high-oleic sunflower oil, organic pumpkin oil). Superfatting a soap formula is done

by adding extra oils and helps leave skin much softer after bathing. The all-organic soaping oil content helps guarantee safety.

The goat milk is sourced locally from a USDA-tested, small herd of champion Dwarf Nigerian goats, lovingly tended by Heidi (owner) at Tres Rios Nigerians, Three Rivers, CA. Personally, I can't find another soap of this quality and size anywhere in the US by doing an internet search. If it's out there somewhere, let me know and I'll match their price.

New Year - New Products - Free Samples!

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Ho Ho Ho (hint: don't put pics of your women friends anywhere near that kind of decor)

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How do you celebrate the autumn season?

   Sometimes I long for those days before manufacturing and selling wholesale and retail. In July, I'm making fall-colored soap. Right now, I'm researching Christmas-themed ideas for trees, ornaments and gift baskets for upcoming shows. I'm always out of sync! I am loving the local decorations, though. Keep 'em coming! Your recipes, photos of fall [...]

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New year, new website!

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