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Ja Nene Natural Body Products  

Beautiful... Naturally.

At Ja Nene Natural Body Products, we have one simple goal: To provide sustainable, natural, and safe body care products that actually work!

Our customers trust us because they know we take skin care seriously. With a background in science and genetics, we take a science-based approach to beauty and wellness. We’ve been developing formulas for over 15 years, using the most up-to-date information available to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness.

There are many good natural and organic skin care companies selling quality skin care products, but few are available at our prices. We use organic ingredients where feasible, and premium quality natural ingredients from trusted sources, but packaging is kept simple, advertising kept at a minimum, all to keep prices affordable for customers. Most of the cost for any Ja Nene product goes into the ingredients, where it belongs.

Ja Nene ingredients are tested by the manufacturers and are locally tested for over a year before sale to the public.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about Ja Nene Natural Body Products. If you ever have a product question or would like to talk to us, we're just an email or phone call away and looking forward to talking with you. Natural and affordable skin care products is what we sell, but YOU are our real business.

Take good care of each other,
Janene Lasswell
Ja Nene Natural Body Products

You can contact us at: or by phone at (559) 561-4021.
We are located at:
P.O. Box 36
44198 Mineral King Road
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Our Journey

We started Ja Nene Natural Body Products because, like you, we were looking for safe and natural ways to care for our body without paying a fortune for it. Testing new creams and oils on friends and family, we discovered that we could not only make a better product than what we could find on a store shelf, but we could make it more affordable too. Most importantly, we could do it with ethically-sourced, sustainable, safer ingredients.

When we were in our early stages and researching the ingredients used to most cosmetics and bath and body products, we were astounded by the harmful effects many ingredients could cause - and it was completely legal to use them! We began looking into safer natural alternatives, and to this day we use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to research safe and effective natural alternatives to toxic additives in cosmetics and body products to ensure accountability in our own products. Information regarding skin care ingredients is changing rapidly. Ja Nene uses tested and effective ingredients, not the latest "hype" that may eventually prove harmful.

Accomplishments & Accolades

In 2005 we worked to help pass the California Safe Cosmetics law. This led to passing the nation's first safe cosmetic laws demanding full accountability for ingredient labeling.

In 2010 we were recognized with the Tulare County Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In 2017 Janene received the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Three Rivers Lion's Club

We are also a member of Sequoia Mountain Healers, a network of traditional and alternative health practitioners.

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